Aloha Pokee And Ramen is a Hawaiian Restaurant in West Sacramento, CA

Indulge yourself in the fresh, authentic taste of Hawaiian food at Aloha Pokee And Ramen! Dedicated to being your one-stop shop for snacks, lunch, dinner, and dessert, Aloha Pokee And Ramen is proud to offer you a tasty and unique variety of menu options that let you customize your order down to the base. Located in West Sacramento, CA, Aloha Pokee And Ramen is a Hawaiian restaurant that offers poke bowls, ramen, and boba tea in order to give you a tasty and casual dining experience that will keep you coming back for more.

At Aloha Pokee And Ramen we give you options-- a lot of them! When it comes to our delicious poke bowls, we give you the choice of mixed greens, white or brown rice, chips, or a combo of any two. Next, you will choose your protein. Your choices are ahi tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, shrimp, tako, tofu, shrimp tempura, eel, and yellowtail. We also give you the option to mix in some extras such as scallions, jalapeno, cilantro, and sweet onion. Add some of our sauces for extra flavoring and then top it off with masago, sweet corn, wasabi, and more! In addition to making poke bowls, we also off delicious ramen noodles to give you that warmth and comfort of delicious soup on a cold day. Quench your thirst with any of our milk teas and smoothies for a good day made even better.

Family owned and operated, Aloha Pokee And Ramen will always prioritize your needs. Our wide variety of options makes our restaurant the perfect place for the whole family to come together and enjoy some good food while everyone gets exactly what they want. Our team is here to make your meal enjoyable and delicious. Stop by Aloha Pokee And Ramen today for a delicious meal!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Friendly & Convenient
  • Tasty & Unique
Locations Served
  • West Sacramento, CA